/CoinEx 4th Anniversary|Festival of Love: A Message of Love from Nigeria to the World

CoinEx 4th Anniversary|Festival of Love: A Message of Love from Nigeria to the World

On the 4th anniversary of the exchange, CoinEx has launched the “Meet the CoinEx Team” anniversary celebration together with its global partners as a gesture to thank and give back to users. In Nigeria, CoinEx has hosted the “Festival of Love” charitable event.

On December 20, to celebrate its 4th anniversary, CoinEx held the “Festival of Love” charitable event at Uniuyo Teaching Hospital, Nigeria. Orok Godspower, one of the exchange’s Nigerian Partners represents CoinEx donated 700 care packages to children in the hospital on behalf of CoinEx. For the kids, these are heart-warming gifts. CoinEx contributes to charitable causes and offers a helping hand through real actions.

On the same day, Orok also went to the University of Uyo for the Festival of Love, which featured lotteries, games, creative dancing, and quiz contests. By encouraging the locals to follow the exchange’s SNS account, produce songs about CoinEx, and answer quizzes for rewards, the event helped them learn more about CoinEx and become new users.

At the end of the event, all users present received a 4th-anniversary gift package from CoinEx, and the game winners got custom-made CoinEx gifts like T-shirts and hats. With joint efforts by the Nigerian partners and CoinEx, the Festival of Love was a great success.

Other than the offline charitable event in Nigeria, which was a great success, CoinEx also held a meet-up in Minneapolis MOA, US on December 21.

Since its inception in 2017, CoinEx has always been trying to build a global presence for its products. The Nigerian Partners are key to this globalization strategy. Apart from marketing promotions, CoinEx has also been doing its part to contribute to charitable causes worldwide. The Festival of Love held at Uniuyo Teaching Hospital fully demonstrates the exchange’s commitment to its social responsibilities. Furthermore, the event also brought more attention to the health sector in Nigeria and improved the recognition of CoinEx among local users.

During the last four years, CoinEx has always put users first while serving a global audience. Along the way, the exchange has experienced many surprising changes and advancements. CoinEx now supports 16 languages, offers over 400 first-rate token services, and lists nearly 100 contract markets and almost 800 spot markets. Meanwhile, over 6 billion CET have been burnt.

These solid advancements are all backed by joint efforts made by CoinEx and Nigerian users around the world. In the future, CoinEx will keep offering more user-friendly, more stable trading environments and services for its global users in a world full of both opportunities and challenges. We look forward to meeting more users in Nigeria.