/Emerging DeFi Fundraising Platform: AEGIS Launchpad Sets Date for Its IDO

Emerging DeFi Fundraising Platform: AEGIS Launchpad Sets Date for Its IDO

DeFi has become a popular alternative to traditional finance. Decentralized finance allows users to have maximum control over their assets, automates financial transactions, and eliminates intermediaries which are common in traditional finance. This explains why DeFi is widely adopted.

However, there are inherent risks of losing funds in the DeFi space, and conducting an IDO across multiple chains is rare. In addition, there is a shortage of launchpads that guarantee investors funds and privacy. Only a few platforms have a solid vetting model to filter out scams. Aegis promises to solve these issues and provide an all-inclusive platform where fundraising can be initiated without the fear of losing funds because the company vets the projects before listing them.

The new fundraising platform for DeFi projects is AEGIS Launchpad and they are currently preparing for its IDO in October. After Aegis finishes its successful private fundraising that raised $200k, the launchpad aims its public sale round on October 12, 2021. Potentially after the upcoming IDO, the platform plans to soon raise another $100k in private funding,

IDOs Will Benefit AEGIS Launchpad

Despite being newer, IDOs have become more preferred over ICOs and STOs and there is good reason for this. IDOs allow token distribution to the public conveniently, which is an emerging platform Aegis needs. IDOs are decentralized, meaning there’s no central form of control. Projects are expected to pay exchange fees when listing their projects and this is a common occurrence with ICOs and IEOs. However, project owners don’t have to pay high fees with IDOs and require no permission.

The IDO launch will present Aegis’s native token $AEGIS. Traders will be able to purchase $AEGIS, swap cryptos/stablecoins, stake their assets, and have a major influence on Aegis development. The more $AEGIS token you possess, the more influence you exert in the community.

IDOs also offer immediate liquidity at almost all price levels and allows projects to access funds as quickly as possible. It also waves pre-mines, which favors project owners. These are the apparent reasons for the launchpad’s IDO launch.

AEGIS Tends to Rectify The Errors Prevalent In The DeFi Space

AEGIS Launchpad claims to be the first decentralized multi-chain protocol with an insurance system. According to the company, the innovative cross-chain functionality with insurance enables fundraising from multiple blockchains while protecting clients funds. In addition, the platform allows multiple chain sales, where project owners can diversify their fundraising methods to attract more investors across several crypto communities. Most launchpads lack this, but we broaden the project owners’ reach to capture potential investors by possessing multi-chain capabilities.

AEGIS towers over other platforms with its multi-chain wallet connections. Investors can swap, stake, and claim their rewards conveniently at no cost when using their swap tool. Additionally, investors can manage their funds across several blockchains without trading limitations. Beneficially, users can choose to stake in any asset of their choice.

AEGIS aims to create an advanced experience for users by utilizing features proportional of DAO governance levels, tier-free allocation systems and sustainable liquidity by implementing RFI mechanics.

The Pad product is another exciting feature of AEGIS. It is a play-to-earn game that gives the user the opportunity to earn $AEGIS tokens each time they win. Although this product is available on the platform, it’s not open for public use until soon after the IDO launch.

Since the start of the year, AEGIS Launchpad has hit some significant milestones. The company’s conceptualization and team recruitment during Q1 was followed by beta testing, testnet releases, smart contract design, and the unveiling of its game development plan in Q2. By the next quarter, the launchpad had its public and private sale rounds and partnered with reputable venture funds like BlueMoon Ventures.