/Quantum Hash – Free 125 GH hash power.

Quantum Hash – Free 125 GH hash power.

So thanks to Mark who invited me to look at this. It seems strangely familiar.

The domain was bought a year ago from Verisign, but the site has not been up long.

Creation Date: 2016-10-02T16:33:09Z

Ok – Warning bells:-

a. – Genesis and Powerhouse do not give away Free Hashpower.
b. -There is no company address or anything more than a website – they don’t even bother having a UK Limited company (which normally tells me it’s dodgy).
c. – There are no terms and conditions or about us.

I can almost guarantee this is a scam site. Just because they are so backward at coming forward. I’m always nervous of faceless websites.

I think with this one I’m not going to invest at the moment. I’ve got my free Hashpower and I’ll see if I can’t withdraw a small amount.

If it’s still here in a year, that might be more interesting. But when people don’t want to reveal who they are it’s a no. The site FEELS like Splititminng which had so many fooled, including me.