/Powerhouse Network Launches ICO (will they ever stop?)

Powerhouse Network Launches ICO (will they ever stop?)

Ok, I’m involved a  few things as you know. I test stuff for you, a lot of it turns out to be a scam.

Powerhouse is refreshingly different thanks to the fact you can actually talk to the people running it. They are not hiding behind a website, or some strange address but are actually contactable.

I will say this so. The look and feel of their marketing is nothing like as professional as the scammers. But maybe that’s a good thing.

So today people who are members of the network get the chance to be part of the ICO. So not only do you get the chance to Mine Bitcoin, Altcoin and Ether (although there are no Ether contracts available), but you also can partake in the Polaris ICO.

I really do recommend everyone joins and puts in a small amount to get started and see how it goes. Remember your investment is your responsibility but the more I look at Powerhouse, the happier I am with it. So I would recommend people to try this one out – don’t forget to actually invest some coin because they don’t have anything for FREE which actually gives me a lot of confidence.