/New USB Powered Riser Cables Make Rig Builds Easier

New USB Powered Riser Cables Make Rig Builds Easier

For those who aren’t aware there are now some new riser cables on the market. These risers comprise of a x1 connector that is plugged into your motherboard. A USB cable of between 60cm and 100cm is connected at this point. At the other end of the USB cable there is a circuit board with a x16 slot for you to clip in your PCI-E Graphics card such as a R9 290.

These risers allow you to easily build rigs and move your graphics cards up to 1 metre away from your motherboard. Remember how we struggled with 15cm flexing the cable and not being able to place the card where we wanted to. Now we can mount GPU cards securely by clipping them into the circuit board socket and place them in a position to get the best airflow. I’m looking to get some of these cables shortly guys so if anyone wants to place some pre-orders feel free to drop me an email or hit me up on skype.

I will leave you with a photo of the new riser cables below:

New Riser